Interior Design

A beautiful, bespoke space is the result of precise collaboration; a synthesis of your vision with GOLDEN’s design principles and expertise. Our full scope interior design process guides you through the journey from conception to construction.

Stage 1 — 


An initial workshop to understand your vision and begin the creative process. We cover the functional requirements of your project as well as your aesthetic ambitions.

Stage 2 — 


We establish the ‘big idea’ for your space, communicating the essence of your project with a strong design philosophy and key design ideas. In this stage, we will establish a visual direction and floor plan for the space.

Stage 3 — 


The design philosophy is developed further in the Schematic phase, providing you with a visual representation of your space. Exploring how the design will be executed, we will present a selection of images, 3D sketches and finishes.

Stage 4 — 

Design Development

The Design Development phase dives deeper into the detail to resolve the functionality of the design. We’ll create schedules that supply the details of materials, and provide elevation drawings of joinery items and functional requirements, enabling you to understand how you will interact with the space.

Stage 5 — 

Pricing & Construction Documentation

Your design is then translated to a drawing set, ready to be be executed by your trades. A full set of documentation including technical drawings, finishes, fixtures, fittings and equipment schedules are finalized and issued, initially for pricing, then for construction on site.

Stage 6 — 

Construction Administration

GOLDEN provides guidance and support throughout the construction process ensuring the design integrity is maintained. We liaise with trades and consultants, review defects and respond to queries as required.


Furniture, Art & Object Curation

No space is complete without furniture; whether you are furnishing your entire home, wishing to update some key areas or wanting to add depth and cohesion to your space, we can curate a selection of furniture, accessories, art and objects that feel unique and considered.


Additional Services

Throughout the process, we can also provide assistance with town planning submissions, value management reviews, RDM/landlord approvals and tendering.



GOLDEN can provide assistance with your project in the pre-planning phase; empowering you to visualise the opportunities for your space before diving into a full scope design.
Whether you need floor plan exploration, extension assessments, indicative 3D renders or advice on the feasibility of potential sites, we can customize a package for your requirements.